about change the tune:

Three large challenges currently facing the South Los Angeles community are a lack of access to healthy food options, lack of physical space for afterschool activities, and lack of combined affordable and quality food options at music venues. 

Change the Tune was developed to address these challenges by operating as an organization that creates systems of equity and positive impact by bringing people together to connect, synergize, and collaborates leveraging the universal connectors music and food. 

 The effects of the lack of access to healthy food options are demonstrated in the disproportionately high rates of health-related illnesses experienced within the community. For example, within South LA, the coronary heart disease death rate is 68% higher than West LA’s and 23% higher than the overall county’s. Additionally, students who lack safe spaces often find unhealthy activities to fill their unstructured time. 

Change the Tune is located in underserved communities where we serve two different target populations with two activities to drive social impact. During the afternoon, we cater primarily to youth (ages 11-18)  through a multidisciplinary STEAM,  Entrepreneurship, Social Emotional Learning Lab that focuses on preparing youth with 21st-century learning skills. 

Our second target population is urban working professionals. Both music and food are art forms that can have a huge positive influence on and bring together very diverse groups of people. On a semi-annual basis, we create " For the Change" a unique experiential program including a music showcase and healthy dinner, which leverages the forces of music and food to create conversations about social challenges and raise funds for local youth after school activities.  

There is currently no organization within the South Los Angeles region that is organized to make the type of social impact that Change the Tune can make.  We will begin our classes for students in the Spring of 2019.