Charli Kemp, Founder of Change the Tune

Charli Kemp has a playlist curator has always had a passion for using music and food to bring people together.   At a young age Charli used to create dinner parties with immaculate playlist for her family. When Charli went away to Spelman, she became the dinner party host for her close knit group of friends. Charli believes that music and food truly help people from different backgrounds come together and find ways to bond.

After College, Charli taught middle school math and science in New York City through Teach for America, a non-profit that provides education in low-income communities and under-resourced public schools. During her 5 year tenure Charli leveraged music every day to set the mood for her students to have an experiential lesson that would grown their understanding. Charli also often transformed her math class into a musical cooking class so that students were able to apply their mathematical concepts they learned to real world experiences.

Five years in the education sector led her to pursue a MBA at the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business where she held several leadership positions and was a Fellow through the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab. As a board member of the service club Challenge for Charity, she helped organize volunteer efforts for local schools. As Co-President of Black Graduate Business Leaders, she put on the first ever diversity conference at Marshall, and through Marshall Youth Outreach, she mentored high school youth and served as the VP of Finance.

After business school, Charli joined Green Dot Public schools a non-profit working to transform public education for low-income, high-risk youth through high-achieving charter schools, which serves over 10,000 youth in the Los Angeles Area..  Charli began at Green Dot as a Cluster Business Manager she acted as the chief operating officer for a number of schools, supporting day-to-day non-academic operations and serving as the liaison between home office departments and designated schools. Wanting to go back to the experiential piece of education, Charli transitioned into a new role of as the Leadership and Life Coordinator where she manages the Social emotional learning program implemented in all Green Dot Schools. Charli has worked in the current roll to develop a strategic plan, that includes a framework to guide instructors on how to integrate non-cognitive skills with academic instruction. Previously Charli s Green Dot Public Schools is The organization was founded in 1999 in response to the poor state of public high schools in the Los Angeles area.

In the summer of 2017 Charli decided to launch her dream non profit Change the Tune. In a system of inequity that perpetuates negative narratives, Charli is using music and social impact to change the narratives by Changing the Tune.